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Todo lo que sabemos sobre Quibi | El nuevo servicio de transmisión móvil

No puedes transmitir Quibi a tu TV. Y eso es algo bueno. Quibi anuncia su nuevo y revolucionario servicio de transmisión, que trae contenido de transmisión exclusivamente a su teléfono en pequeños bloques (6-10 minutos de duración) llamado "Quibis". Y esto ni siquiera es un nuevo YouTube. Quibi está conquistando mega talentos como Steven Spielberg, Anton Fuqua, Reese Witherspoon, para hacer mini películas, espectáculos y contenido diario.

El momento más importante del "jadeo de la audiencia" de Quibi fue el anuncio de Turnstile, que le permite "elegir su aventura" con la forma en que interactúa y ve el contenido. Voltee el teléfono hacia arriba y vea una vista de cámara. Intercambia con el paisaje y experimenta el espectáculo de una manera completamente nueva. Abre nuevos ámbitos de lo que los creadores de contenido podrán hacer con su formato de contenido. .

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  1. Gonna be interesting. To see how they pull this off. It's stupid to charge ppl for an unproving product. But who knows how good it maybe until we see it.

  2. Katzenberg said they're not competing with other streaming services. I can't wait for this I'm in to streaming and I love watching so it's nice however, Cable and Satellite are dying. I hope there's a free tier but with ads so I can watch Quibi and I hope it's available in my country when it launch.

  3. What next? TV shows with a 140 second limit (should we call it TVitter?) 😆

  4. It doesn't really have a USP. Just people with too much money to blow. And Hollywood will make Netflix and other VoD platform products for shorter formats. The moment other VoD platforms make more short format videos, this will be replaced completely.
    Also turning the phone from landscapes to portrait and back, and changing framing is just rubbish imo.

  5. Meh.
    More bollocks that we don't need.

  6. Boring idea. Why the hell would you want to keep flipping your phone back and forth like switching camera feeds? You’ll always feel like you missed part of the show. And they want to charge you for that feeling.

  7. I'll check it out on pirate bay.

  8. is it gonna compete against youtube or twitch?

  9. Doesn’t seem like innovation. Sad to say but charging people for this nonsense is going to make it fail in less than a year. YouTube kind of has the monopoly on this. They basically want to charge you for YouTube type content without the years of work. I do hope they succeed because as I said YouTube is a monopoly.

  10. They want me to watch the same show like 3 to 5 times? Fuck that… this is a terrible gimmick

  11. Overproduced, short form films featuring Hollywood actors already exist. They’re called commercials. But now we’ll be able to watch commercials that include commercials for $4.99/mo. and then commercials commercial-free for $7.99/mo? Huh.

  12. Might be great if the playback is consistent. I can see it being a success as people have a shorter and shorter attention span and this fits right into that..

  13. Sounds like YouTube by another name.

  14. Wow, they're going to put entertainment content on phones? And I get to pay a monthly fee?! Very exciting innovation. Yikes.

  15. Sounds lame to me. Key to their success will be content that make it appealing enough to buy. Without that it is just a phone-only streaming service that will not be able to compete with anyone.

  16. Miss me with that shit! paying $7 for a ten minute videos. God i hate portrait mode videos.

  17. I'm intrigued, hope there's a free trial or/and free tier (there probably will)

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