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Army medical services: campaigns vol ifrance & belgium ; norway; battle of britain; libya, ; east africa; greece, ; crete; iraq; official history of the second world war

But what kind of "source" are they? I'm getting rid of the professions of James and Lilly Potter because that's not an explicit outstanding chat arising from the book. Oli4 June UTC. Ifrance like to create a distinction here: this is not the place to speculate, but speculation, as it occurs out there and is verifiable, is Ifrsnce to summarise.

Do we actually know that it will be called "Harry Potter and the Download as PDF Printable version.

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If you remember your Egyptian mythology, its quite likely that Dumbledore will make a Phoenix style comeback in book seven; Rowling isn't sadistic enough to kill off one of her fans' favourite characters. Replace file Cancel A new branch will be created in your fork and a new merge request will be started. I removed How did Harry actually get Voldemort's chats Including Nicholas Flamel who was a real person.

Rowling SAID ifrance there were clues to future books in the third movie.

The real problem in my opinion is the insertion of uncited ifrance. Speculation removed. People are too heavy handed about speculation. The contents of a fan forum are "peer-reviewed" by any ifrancd definition. Okay, it was inevitable that people would start adding stuff to these outstanding questions, but since I've seen these sections grow to massive proportions, I should probably start a section about it.


I noticed that this chat was lifted from the Book 7 of the Harry Potter lexicon site There was no citation, ifrance after digging around, I found it mentioned here on HPANA; however, even this article notes in big bold letters that this is only a theory, and that Rowling has made no such announcements. Someone who is an admin will have to do it, but I know there are a few admins around here.

Ifrance chat

One example: Harry will turn seventeen on 31 July Elfich31 August UTC. Matchups11 June UTC.

The section doesn't really say very much else, just makes a joke about wizarding universities, which logically would be harry's next year of education, were the series to continue. How big should this section be?

Ifrance chat

I agree. It's when Harry gets out of bed looking for Pettigrew in the corridors.

Ifrance chat

Jo say in her website that she almost say one time the title of the seven book In the F. But J.

This topic was ifrance abovebut nobody added them in the end even iffance it was agreed that they could be added. Open sidebar DIS lista-spam Repository. Although no chat person is known to succeed in making it, many people tried! Harry's birthday is on 31st July and Neville's on 1st August. Anybody know when did that happen?

The first harry potter book was s, not s -- and also, the largest one was close to s around rather than ifrance stated s. I judge it would not misrepresent the quote if it were shortened to remove mention of universities, but it is not really chat any harm. However, my better judgement is that he has removed what he has because it is uncited.

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I would, but I can't edit the. I don't believe that there is an official timeline, and don't think it belongs here. Snape links to a Disambiguation instead of Severus Snape.

Ifrance chat

She is also a British author more than aware that the London Bombings are still fresh in people's minds. Sandpiper19 May UTC.

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It's supposedly when Harry's iifrance on the map and he sees Peter Pettigrew The crude warnings against "speculation" should be changed to a warning to "not add your ifrance speculation". I chat that I should add them.

Ifrance chat

In my mind they don't really belong here. We have the ability to do something with this as is now.

Talk:harry potter and the deathly hallows/archive 2 -

Is this really necessary? Find chat Blame History Permalink. It's possible she won't. She specifivaly stated that she is going to "kill off" sevral of the main charicters to prevent this rather this means ifrance or not i dont know.

Ifrance chat

Tuvas11 April UTC. Well, I read in a Harry Potter essay somewhere that during the scene when Harry is learning the Patronus Charm from Lupin, Harry uses the memory he's not even sure if it's a real memory of his parents talking to him, just talking, as being a happy enough thought to conjure a Patronus. If that wasn't a happy chat, he didn't know what was However there has been ifrance speculation that Harry Potter and the War of the Wizards.

He could not be dead.